Lorry Quartzgrinder

Male Dwarven Fighter

Lorry Quartzgrinder
Player: Agamon Proxy: Steve
Race: Dwarf
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral
Level: 1st
Ability Scores:
18/81 STR (Dmg. +5, Feat of Str. +14)
17/70 INT (Att. +2)
11/30 WIS (Init. +2, Def. 0)
10/03 DEX (Init. +2, Att. 0, Def. 0)
22/02 CON
8/23 LKS
4/53 CHA (Turning Mod. -)
Quirks & Flaws:
Superstitious (Unlucky #15)
Tone Deaf

Hit Points: 38
Threshold of Pain: 13

Honour: 9 (low)
EP: 0 (next level: 400) BP: 15
Handedness: Right Sex: Male
Age: 54 years
Height: x inches
Weight: x lbs
Patron God(s): none
(Anointed follower? No)
Appraisal (armor & weaponry)C 36%, Appraisal (gems & jewelry) 24%, Fire BuildingU 14%, Jewelry Crafting 21%, Language (Dwarven)N 76%, Language (Baparan) 32%, Mining 24%, Monster Lore 27%, Reading LipsU 42%, Swimming 45%.
U = Universal Skill, N = Native Language (Universal), C = Core Skill
Attack Bonus (battle axe), Damage Bonus (battle axe), Fast Healer, Perry Bonus (battle axe), Swift Blade (battle axe).
Weapons: Battle Axe, Club, Dagger, Greatsword, Longbow, Mace.
Armour: Light, Medium, Heavy, Shield.
Other: None.
Racial Abilities:
Pros: Medium for HP, Large for KB, low light vision, +7 on saves vs magic and poison.
Cons: Small for speed.

Lorry Quartzgrinder

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