Adventures at Frandor’s Keep!


Keep On Hackin’! is set in the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting using the HackMaster Basic ruleset. We play semi-regularly and bi-monthly. Frandor’s Keep is the party’s base of operations, though only one of the members actually hails from the keep; three others live in the capital city of P’Bapar, while the group’s organizer is a Kalmaran nobleman, who has come to P’Bapar with his grandfather’s ward.

The team consists of Halanar Selekarin, grandson of a Kalmaran viscount and Truthseeker; Lorry Quartzgrinder, a dwarf skilled at both the cutting gems and orcs; Max Daramariel, friendly elven pickpocket; Alaric Denali, human Journeyman and skilled musician; Sulan Palorin, human Challenger of Fate that never saw a risky venture he didn’t like; and Jumar Aladanna, elven mage, proprietor of the keep’s rope and net making shop who’s deathly afraid of women. Each member of the party has his or her own reasons for setting off to adventure in the dangerous mountainous Baparan landscape, but they all agree that hacking the baddies and taking their stuff is a plus!

Keep On Hackin'!

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